This is not just a natural health website.
This is not just a doctor’s marketing platform.
This is not even just an educational resource for mothers.


This is an online container and community - a minor revolution, of sorts.
And trust me, this is only the beginning.

Below I have outlined my top values - the ones through which all content, ideas, products, and services Milk Medicine provides are created through. I see this page as a public declaration of who I am and what exactly my mission to the world is about. This serves as a guiding post, a North Star if you will. When challenging decisions or obstacles present, my choices remain through the lens of the below concepts.


aintain authenticity to who I am and what I provide. Tell the truth, be real. Never be someone you are not. For me, that means that as a doctor, my level of professionalism looks very different than most others in the medical field. I cannot be anyone who I am not. Transparency

2. Community - build community

3. Empowered education - create empowering conversation, aim to inspire through accessible educational resources

4. Humor & curiosity- trickle humor throughout, never stop asking questions. No one knows anything. Always remember that.

5. Leadership & self-reliance - guide as a leader in the field, and aim to model self-reliance. You are your own healer. You are your child’s healer.